Binh Dinh, October 2020 — In anticipation of this year’s flood and storm season, farmers living in the flood-prone areas have been relocated to a higher area in Cat Nhon commune, Phu Cat district in Binh Dinh province.

Viet Nam will be significantly impacted by the Industrial Revolution 4.0, especially its manufacturing sector. How to use the impetus of IR 4.0 to boost productivity and growth and to make sure Viet Nam is not left behind in the transition and Leave No One Behind. There are a burgeoning startup community and a strong commitment at the highest levels of the Government to advance IR 4.0. UNDP has been working to test out new ideas, experimenting, mentoring, incubating, and uncovering exciting new approaches that are bearing fruit.

UNDP has framed our support in helping Viet Nam to ensure that…

UNDP Viet Nam

Welcome to the official Twitter account of UNDP in Viet Nam - a connector of people, ideas and development expertise.

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